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      This product is from green at t is made of super pure water soluble industrial raw material, the use of a world class group TURBO manufacturing process and formulation process combined with the Chinese soil structure research and development production, one hundred percent of the total water soluble, instant, convenient use, does not plug nozzle irrigation pipe; The world first-class infiltration and wetting function, to ensure the fertilizer absorption rate. USES the international high-end technology, making quality nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelement chelate state configuration, specially added a unique additives, to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer effect and nutrition elements, can solve the problem of crop nutrition, to plant owner bring higher yields.

      Using the methods and scope of application:

      1, gold prospectors belong to pure water soluble fertilizer nutrient, can be widely used in all kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, medicinal plants and other plant growth period;

      2, blunt: according to different crops and the growth stage, the press 2 kg/mu, once every 10 to 15 days, perennials can be appropriately extended use interval;

      3, drip irrigation, according to the different crop growth stages and drip irrigation equipment and, according to 0.5 kg/mu.


      1, gold can now according to need to go now, diluted with water should not be stored for a long time, so effective component activity and applied effect.

      2, gold can be used with most of the drugs (except for strong acid, strong alkali agent).

      3, gold prospectors should reach place to store in a cool, dry and children.

      Low friendship prompt: gold products belong to pure water soluble fertilizer nutrient, without any extra filling material, if long-term storage or stress under the condition of agglomeration is a normal phenomenon, dissolve after using fertilizer effect will not be lowered.

      Product function:

      1, nutrient-rich, gold total nutrient ≧ 98% water soluble and can meet the nutrient requirements of various kinds of crops provinces, and 100% water soluble, has high nutrient utilization, area yield and commodity fruit ratio increased significantly;

      2, nutrition, comprehensive: gold prospectors specially added chelating states TE combination package, the many kinds of trace elements can make crops to eat good, to use a can improve the deficiency symptoms, break the sub-health state, make crops robust vitality;

      3, easily absorb: gold prospectors add unique fertilizer, can make the nutrients quickly absorbed by root system, and can speed up transport nutrients in plant body, and achieve nourished more timely, more durable fertilizer effect;

      4, flower and fruit: gold contains strong lift the fruit of the factor, can promote the flower bud differentiation, flower and fruit, swelling, deformity at the same time reduce the fruit, forage-livestock system greatly;

      5, promote root: gold prospectors in the root activity factors can promote root crop development, speed up the main root and lateral root, capillary root growth, improve nutrient absorption ability;

      Age 6, fight decline: gold contains certain organic active substances, to crop root, stem and leaf have good nourishing effect, enhancing photosynthetic capacity, improve the ability of art (cold, hot wind, etc.) in low temperature, increasing nutrient JiXuLiang, can delay the ageing of the root and stem leaf;

      7, the improvement of quality: gold content of nutrition, foot, let the plants absorb good, eat well, improve the fruit on the palate, uniform color, and beautify the shape to increase the sugar content, and so on.

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